Behind the scene of our Manufacture

Allegra Creation originally “Les ateliers P O N C I N I” was manufacturing in the 50’s high end jewelry for the local market and individual local wealthy clients. The company has had a constant growth since and many more companies were created by the Poncini family. L.S.P diamond cutting works in the 70’s, Les Ambassadeurs Ltd in the 80’s an export oriented jewelry factory and specialised in hand made chains and semi-finished products. General Findings & Wires Ltd was the casting and component factory supplying the production chain. All companies merged in 2008 into one single operator "Allegra Creation".

Today Allegra Creation masters the complete manufacturing processes under the same umbrella with the aim to supply finished or semi-finished products of jewelry of high quality both locally and internationally

Allegra Creation employs a team of 45 professionals and has kept on investing in high technology prototyping and casting equipment. 65% of the staff is female and we have 4.65% of otherwise able people among our employees. Allegra is proud to be a committed employer and above all environmentally friendly because all our effluents are treated methodically

The Company offers technical solutions and consumables to the local market.

This is how Allegra Creation has managed to grow using the abilities and competences of each of the absorbed companies, using the skills of its employees' "savoir faire” for the benefit of its clients. 

Chains and Wires
Plating and Coating
Stone Setting

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