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Behind the scene of
our Manufacture

P O N C I N I (Atelier) originally “Les ateliers P O N C I N I” was manufacturing in the 50’s high end jewelry for the local market and individual local wealthy clients. The company has had a constant growth since and many more companies were created by the Poncini family. L.S.P diamond cutting works in the 70’s, Les Ambassadeurs Ltd in the 80’s an export oriented jewelry factory and specialised in hand made chains and semi-finished products. General Findings & Wires Ltd was the casting and component factory supplying the production chain. 

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Today P O N C I N I (Atelier) masters the complete manufacturing processes under the same umbrella with the aim to supply finished or semi-finished products of jewelry of high quality both locally and internationally


P O N C I N I (Atelier) employs a team of 45 professionals and has kept on investing in high technology prototyping and casting equipment. 65% of the staff is female and we have 4.65% of otherwise able people among our employees. P O N C I N I (Atelier) is proud to be a committed employer and above all environmentally friendly because all our effluents are treated methodically


The Company offers technical solutions and consumables to the local market.

This is how P O N C I N I (Atelier) has managed to grow using the abilities and competences of each of the absorbed companies, using the skills of its employees' "savoir faire” for the benefit of its clients. 


P O N C I N I (Atelier) is fully equipped with CAD design software and 3D printing technology. We have over the last decade produced hundreds of new products for designers all around Europe and Mauritius. Being able to design a product for it to successfully go through all the production process is vital in order to achieve the best possible quality at the right price..


Our knowledge of all the production steps enables us to create prototypes with the final production in mind. This approach prevents unnecessary delays and cost overrun


P O N C I N I (Atelier) uses advanced casting technologies from Germany to provide its clients with the best possible casting. Casting being the source of almost all jewelry, P O N C I N I (Atelier) has invested a significant amount of resources in order to build its casting capacity


The company's casting know-how has been perfected over several decades, in order to provide quality products every time. P O N C I N I (Atelier) specializes in the lost wax casting method and can produce thousands of cast pieces per week in gold (yellow, white, rose) silver or brass.

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Chains and Wires

One of the original company which was merged with others to create P O N C I N I (Atelier) was specialized in hand made chain manufacturing. As a result the company has retained this know-how and still produces handmade chains for the export market.


Our equipment also allows the manufacture of yarns in a very wide range.


For many years P O N C I N I (Atelier) has been the main sub-contractor for many international brands and has assembled a wide range of products. Clasps, rings, pendants… we make it all

Plating and Coating

P O N C I N I (Atelier) also offers a large range of surface treatment such as Nano-Ceramic and Rhodium plating

Stone Setting

P O N C I N I (Atelier) employs several qualified and experienced stone setters. We are uniquely qualified for setting under microscopes and can also source for our clients the stones needed for any collections

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