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The Association of Parents of handicapped Children of Mauritius Founded in 1970 by Nancy Piat, takes care of children and adults with a medium and deep mental handicap, with or without related handicaps. They work for the development, integration, fulfilment of people with intellectual disabilities and for the recognition of their citizenship.

Educational sector (5 to 20 years), Adult sector (18 and over), Home visit (Medical and paramedical service)


Donations from Poncini Group and Parure will enable to:

-Improve school infrastructure in St Paul

-Acquire accounting software and ADSL subscription for 1 year

-To ensure the training and specialization of the paramedical team

- Partially ensuring the working capital of one of the services.




Lizié dan la main’ is an association which takes care of the well-being and the rehabilitation of blind and partially sighted people. However, they provide also care to people in neighboring regions like Madagascar, the Comoros and Africa. ‘Lizié dan la main’ was created in 1981 and since has become a reference in the fight for the well-being and care of the visually impaired in Mauritius.


Gift of Poncini Ltd:

A Tissot watch, of the "Silen-T" model, a model specially adapted for the visually impaired and can be considered as a tool that can simplify their everyday life



The Lois Lagesse Center, also known as the School for the Blind, exists since 1946 and works for the well-being of people with visual impairments. This center welcomes around forty students in its pre-primary and primary units in order to ensure their education and development. It also aims to promote the autonomy of visually impaired people, from their very young age.

For information, "the Lois Lagesse Trust Fund" named after its founder who, became blind as an adult, decided to create a center to help those in the same situation as himself.


Gift of Poncini Ltd:

A Tissot watch, of the "Silen-T" model, a model specially adapted for the visually impaired and can be considered as a tool that can simplify their everyday life.



Link to life was established since 2002 by a small group of women, including cancer survivors. The association is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to provide support and advice to cancer patients and their families. Duly registered in November 2003, this association is a member of MACOSS.cp


Donations from Poncini Group and Parure will allow:

- Psychological Support & Services for patients with vulnerable group cancer - components B, C & D

- Free transportation services for low-income group cancer patients.


LUPUS ALERT                                                                                                                

Lupus Alert is the only registered NGO that offers physical, moral, emotional and financial support to patients and families suffering from lupus and other autoimmune diseases in Mauritius. Founded in January 2000, Lupus Alert has been congratulated for its pioneering work and for its vision. More than 2,000 people may have lupus in Mauritius and 90% of those affected are adolescents and young adults between the ages of 10 and 35 years old. Their goal is to ensure that all people with lupus in Mauritius have guaranteed access to competent health care, high quality treatment and are assured of having all the support necessary to live a comfortable life.
Donations from Poncini Group and Parure will enable:
- The lupus awareness campaign project




It was through the birth of her eldest son Oliver, born very prematurely, that Lance Ranger had his first encounter with a physical disability in his own family. Her positive experiences with Oliver lead Lance to want to help other children with disabilities. After helping to raise awareness for the sponsorship and funding of several projects in the UK and Mauritius, Lance created the Ranger Foundation Trust (RFT) in April 2008.


The RFT aims to assist children with physical disabilities in Mauritius by providing national education programs and assistance. Since the creation of the RFT, Lance has continued to raise awareness for the project by embarking on sponsored hikes to the South Pole (2007), North Pole (2009), the Finnmarksloepet dog sled 500 km race (2011) and an attempt to crossing of Greenland in 2013 (he had to turn back after having been confronted with two hurricanes)


Donations from Poncini Group and Parure will help

- Social housing

- Child program and family development

- Empowerment community

- Construction of a special school in Pinewood, Wooton

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