The history of  P O N C I N I  is closely linked to its historical building which hosts the head office in Port
Louis, a unique basaltic and wooden structure which is an architectural reference of the Mauritian capital
city. This house is one of the oldest of Port Louis and dates back to 1800. This building hosted an arms
room before being transformed into a hotel. During 1860 the French Guillemin Brothers used it as their
offices for their Indian Ocean operations.

At the time of the colony, Guillemin & Co opened a shop specialised in Swiss watches, jewellery, optics,
tableware and luxury gifts. Along time Guillemin & Co became the most reputed shop on the island. In
1925 the company recruited Alfred Poncini a Swiss watchmaker who arrived at the age of 23 and was in
charge of the watch department.

In 1940, the difficulties of doing business linked to the World War II led the Guillemin brothers to pull out
of Mauritius and Alfred Poncini bought back the company with Roger Mathieu, himself optician within the
company and bared the name Mathieu and  P O N C I N I.

In 1956 Roger Mathieu sold his shares to the Poncini family and since then the company trades under
the family name  P O N C I N I.

Today,  P O N C I N I  is a leader in luxury trade and exports to different countries all over the world. The
company also markets fine jewellery locally since a package of incentives (duty free) was given to the
industry by the government. A team of more than 70 workers and collaborators are busy creating and
manufacturing high quality products in a modern workshop.

P O N C I N I  has set up a state of the art watch repair centre recognised by the most prestigious
brands. A network of high standard shops offering high quality watches for sale are operating around the
island. Nevertheless the old colonial style house in Port Louis remains the attraction.


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