P O N C I N I  played an active role in industrial development of the Mauritian economy and was the
pioneer in setting up non sugar agricultural enterprises. In 1966, the first export oriented enterprise
(drilling of rubies for the watch industry) was launched.

This unit became a model for the future free zone activity. In 1970, the first diamond cutting factory started
its operations.

Ever since,  P O N C I N I  concentrated its efforts on technology acquisition and expertise in
technologies like metallurgy, stone setting and hand made products. Today,  P O N C I N I  has merged
all its manufacturing units under one name: Allegra Creation Ltd.

By acquiring foreign technology, the group is now equipped with modern and state of the art equipment.
The expertise and quality achievements have given the opportunity to the group to have access to the
international market and also to offer subcontract work on high quality standards with maximum security
and confidentiality.


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