Kids Collection
 "Kids Collection" and conservation of sea turtles
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 "Kids Collection" and conservation of sea turtles


P O N C I N I launched a special collection for children made of products in 9 Karat gold and Stirling silver named "Kids Collection"


For every purchase over Rs 3'500, P O N C I N I offers a turtle plush named « Tôti » .

This turtle symbolizes the commitment of P O N C I N I towards the protection of marine turtles (endangered species in Mauritius) through its "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) program.

P O N C I N I will pay at the end of the financial year a contribution to the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS). This society is committed to the conservation of marine species by raising awareness to the inhabitants and in schools on issues faced by the marine population.


« Tôti »   can also be purchased at the price of Rs 800 when purchasing a "Kids Collection" item of less than Rs 3,500. P O N C I N I commits to pay 50% of that amount to the MMCS in addition to its CSR commitment mentioned above.


The plush turtle is exclusive to the project "Kids Collection" of P O N C I N I and a tool to sensitize children to the protection of this species.

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