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Your watch is a sophisticated precision instrument, working closely 24h a day, year after year. In a small volume, a large number of components ensure all functions. A certain degree of wear is inevitable, due to time and also to external factors, for example by water, perspiration, UV light, shock...

Either your watch is mechanical or quartz, its maintenance consists of cleaning the case and metal bracelet, water-resistance testing and exchange of seals, as well as electronic parameters control to ensure the accuracy of its operation.
If your watch is mechanical, lubrication or exchange of elements is done.
Recommended time for the control frequency is at least every four years.
If you wear your watch during leisure activities such as swimming, water skiing, scuba diving for example, water-resistance testing may be necessary every two years, or even every year if you practice these activities intensively.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology and we are authorized to work on prestigious brands. We are at your disposal to ensure optimal maintenance of your watch.

Can we change the date of a watch at any time of the day?
The safety zone (especially for complicated watches) for which changing the date must be avoided is between 9pm and 2am. During this period, the minute wheel and date discs line up gradually on the correct date until midnight.

Can we put together a mechanical self-winding watch with the crown like a traditional mechanical watch?
Yes it can be done. Wind the watch 10 to 20 rounds, depending on the brand, to launch the movement and optimize a power reserve, this acts directly on the mainspring.

Is it necessary to rinse his watch after swimming?
Yes, it is necessary to rinse the watch with fresh water after swimming to remove residual salt/sand or products contained in water (pool, sea water or other).

I dropped my watch, is it covered by warranty?
No, the 24-month warranty usually given only covers manufacturing defects of the movement. This warranty is valid only upon presentation of the original warranty document/card filled when buying.

How much does it cost to repair my watch?
Our watchmakers will offer a quick and complete diagnosis and the best solutions and quotation.

My watch is not sold in your stores; can I bring it to you for repair?
We are authorized to carry out the repairs on watches for which we represent the brand only.

Is it possible to make a list on your site (wedding lists, gifts, ...)?
Yes. We are proud to be partners with the most exciting events in your life such as wedding, birthdays... Please contact us.


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